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Shirley P Designs — Original embroidery designs for all levels

Novice, experienced, or any where in between Shirley has a design for you.


Shirley has embroidered using a wide range of techniques for more than 18 years. She has completed two ANZEG Diplomas in 2016   - The Diploma of Embroidery  and The Diploma of Embroidery Teaching,  and has won many major awards at Regional and National Exhibitions in New Zealand. Shirley has tutored for the past 17 years in Guilds, Regional Retreats at Tui Ridge  and Wanaka, 6 ANZEG conferences, and  11 years of regular  community classes. She was the travelling tutor for the Northern North Island Region in 2017  and the ANZEG travelling Tutor in 2019. Shirley has taught on three International Needlework Tours Cruises:  Sydney to Singapore 2017, Sydney to Seattle 2018  and New Zealand in 2019. She has been selected as a tutor at  the  upcoming ANZEG Stitch-a-Plenty Conference in 2022


You may have been to one of Shirley's workshops and would like another one of her kits or patterns for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

You would like to set up a workshop for your guild / group. or attend one of Shirley's workshops to learn how to stitch one of her designs.

Open up the gallery and have a look at some of Shirley's work or the work of her students.


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